CHERBOYS. existed before it began in August of 2015.

What started as a greeting and a calling card for "Cheboygan Boys" (Cheboygan, Michigan) soon became the calling card for all the people that matter to you. It's your boys, your girls, the people you count on, the people who are family by practice and not by blood. It's the people who make you who you are. You are CHERBOYS.


Every design you see is hand-drawn and all apparel is hand pressed in house from start to finish. Every purchase helps send students to summer camp. CHERBOYS. wants to connect people to a friend with special needs and help provide finanical, spiritual, and physical support.


This is our Founder, Jordan Clevey! Jordan has many roles in the company. One is handling all production and shipping of our product. Along with the rest of the team, he designs everything that CHERBOYS releases. Jordan is the artist behind all our designs and is the man that puts pencil to paper. He led Capernaum during his time at JMU and now leads Young Life at Deep Run High School IN Richmond, VA. He loves with a King Size Heart and lives with a King Size heart. Let’s hear it for Jordan Clevey!

This is Kyle Brinkley. Kyle is the head of business strategy and financial decisions. He anchors down production, sales, and cost plans to allow CHERBOYS. to give as much money to Young Life Capernaum as possible. Kyle hails from Norfolk, VA and is finishing up his Accounting and Finance degrees at JMU. He has led young life in Shenandoah County for the past for years. Kyle has a King Size Heart.